see that thumb and finger there? He/She is about to lose them because (despite the 'safety features') they're sticking their god damned fingers in the path of the blade. Claw your hands and you won't cut your fingers. Doesn't matter how the knife's made. » 4/16/14 8:37pm Wednesday 8:37pm

hate to be a wet blanket here, but... Which other peoples' languages are we allowed to mutilate for the sake of comedy without it being straight up racist. I know any Asians are out of bounds (minus the Slavic and Arabic ones of course...)... I think the Latin ones are becoming so... Do we have a word for this? I… » 4/10/14 12:27pm 4/10/14 12:27pm

So basically, I was hoping this wasn't a full gawker thing and just lifehacker but since you fuckers decided to start with the video overlay ads here, I'll be checking my RSS feed for the headline that says "Sorry about that, never again with the overlays".

Because, no shit, until that happens, I won't see ANY ad, passive … » 12/05/13 9:28pm 12/05/13 9:28pm